Overview of the Bioconvert project

Bioconvert is a collaborative project to facilitate the interconversion of life science data from one format to another. Life science uses many different formats. They may be old, or with complex syntax and converting those formats may be a challenge. Bioconvert aims at providing a common tool / interface to convert life science data formats from one to another. This website is a web interface to Bioconvert software.

Currently (2022), we have about 50 formats and 100 direct conversions available. If you are interested to join the project, please contact us on the github repository.


Here above is a graph representation of the conversions available within Bioconvert.

You can always install Bioconvert using conda (see link in the right hand corner). If you want to perform conversion locally, you can then use a simple syntax such as :
bioconvert bam2sam test.bam test.sam